Enthousiast over het onderwerp? Wilt u meer weten of gewoon eens zien wat het leven van een Wild-Vet inhoudt?  Op deze pagina vindt u een aantal downloads (pdf) en kunt u ook een aantal videos bekijken.

Want to learn more about what a Wildlife Vet is? To get some insight in the life of a Wildlife Vet? On this page you can find some downloads (pdf) and some videos to get inspired.

EcoLife Expeditions are educational expeditions for wildlife veterinary, wildlife conservation, veterinary nurse, veterinary and conservation biology students. Continuous education and tertiary credits are available. Anybody interested in the science behind African Wildlife Management and Veterinary Services are also welcome.

Interview with Wouter van Hoven in Dutch Magazine 

CIn the October issue of the Dutch magazine 'hunting and management', an interview with Wouter van Hoven about the role of the vet in wildlife management was published.
(in Dutch) Article Vets in the Wild Jacht en Beheer okt 20170001.pdf

Saving Rhino's

Poaching rhino's for their horns leads to uninmagible suffering of animals. Luckily some animals get a second chance. Thanks to knowledge and good care.

The Wolf story. 

Are we ready and do we have the knowledge if we are confronted with a wounded wolf? .